Monday, June 23, 2008

American Revolution in the Pine Barrens

During the Revolution,Hessian troops hired by the British,whose King was of German heritage,often deserted or were captured by the Patriots.Speaking German,they could not assimilate into a mostly English speaking population.Deserters found the pine barrens an area close to the main theaters of campaigns (New York,New Jersey,Eastern Pennsylvania).A live and let live attitude prevailed in the pines,and the Hessians went there in large numbers.Captives released after the war did not relish an arduous return sea voyage across the Atlantic only to return to a feudal society in Germany.To stay in the infant republic was more to their liking,for freedom was a new thing in the world.In the pine barrens they found a life and lent their German heritage that is still to be found in surnames of the pine barrens.

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