Sunday, June 22, 2008

Old ruins at Harrisville

An impressive set of ruins in the pine barrens is the old paper mill at Harrisville.Located right off N.J. State Hwy. 563,the crumbling remains of the old mill are rapidly giving way to time and abandonement.Another of the lost industries in the pines,Harrisville and it's paper mill is now a ghost town.The mill was run on water power from the Oswego River which glides calmly by the ruins.No one resides there,and few in the area has any first hand memories of what was once a thriving concern.The overwhelming feeling one gets among the ruins is the inexorable way the woods reclaim any work of man.Man creates,builds,clears the woods,cuts roads,but the woods wait,Man leaves,and the woods renew itself.Brings to mind something I once read:In ancient Rome,each time a new Caesar made a triumphal procession through the streets of the Capitol a slave would walk beside him whispering to him;"Remember that All Fame is Fleeting."

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