Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hiking from Carranza Monument

A few miles south of the village of Tabernacle off of the paved road lies the Carranza Monument,a simple stone pillar in remembrance of the crash of a Mexican pilot whose plane went down during a thunderstorm in the 1920s.A good hike from here will continue south to the ghost town of Friendship.The paved road ends a bit south of Carranza Monument and a sand road beckons.Hike for about 2-3 miles and come on the old crossroads and abandoned settlement that was one time known as Friendship.Only ruins remains.A lonely little bridge crosses a brook named the Featherbed Branch.Topographical maps from 1957 show over a dozen structures,today there are none,as the all-conquering wilderness has left naught but a faint murmur on the breeze.

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